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Daniel Christian

Daniel Christian was born on July 8, 1835, in Montgomery County, Ohio to his father and mother, Mary and Samuel D. Christian. He attended school and familiarized himself with the rugged duties of the farmer's vocation until he was twenty-one. Daniel married Lydia Warner in March of 1857, and had two children; John born in 1857, and Mary born 1859.

 Daniel and his family remained in Ohio until August of 1863, when they came and settled in Huntington County, Indiana. Mr. Christian emerged in farming, saw-milling, and lumbering, in which he continued his whole life, besides slowing down in the autumn of 1876, when he was elected to the office of County Treasurer. He served two terms as County Treasure, and one term as a member of the Board of County Commissioners.

In his later years, Mr. Christian dealt extensively in live stock. He became one of the largest breeders of poultry in Northern Indiana. He continued his poultry business and farming his 360 acres until he passed away on June 26, 1913.

Claymore Manor

The property originally consisted of 360 acres, most of which was a dense forest. By persevering in the industry, he cleared away the heavy timber and developed a home which compared favorably with any farm in the township. He built his Italianate Victorian home for his wife Lydia, and the bricks were made from the clay from the fields surrounding his property. His home became one of the finest and most commodious in Huntington County.

Mr. Christian organized fox hunts on his property. They were held in the 1870s and 1880s in the dull winter month. The event was intended to serve a two-fold purpose, to thin out the sly denizens of the hills that were destructive to his poultry, and provide a community sport and good fellowship with other Huntington County residents. 

Gift Shop

Jill has been creating handmade embroidery sachets, shabby chic aprons, shoe totes, cards, tags, etc. Jill is pleased to offer these decorative crafts for sale to Claymore Manor guests. Please be sure to ask what is available when you visit!​



Your hosts; Jill and Dale Gauwitz met at the romantic Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island in 1986, at a Murder Mystery Weekend.

Dale is a Locomotive Engineer from Melbourne, Australia and an avid train enthusiast. Jill is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and

is very active with her church; Trinity English Lutheran Church located in downtown Fort Wayne. She is a PEO member,

belongs to the Heritage Club of Fort Wayne, and volunteers at Helping Paws Pet Haven in Huntington.


The Gauwitz have always had a passion for historic homes.

They lived in an 1904 Edwardian home in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. They have a passion for antiques and love decorating their 1876 home.